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Indicative Daily Exchange Rates
These rates may vary from commercial banks' transactions with the public.
Last Updated 20-July-17   XCD
EURO 3.1061
Selected Interest Rates (%)
*Updates are based on changes in activity and/or monetary policy.
    *Last Updated
ECCB Discount Rate 6.50 21-July-03
Minimum Savings Deposit Rate 2.00 01-May-15
Daily Weighted Inter Bank Market Rate - 03-Dec-15
Treasury Bill Rate (91 Days) 1.98909 23-June-17
Treasury Bill Rate (180 Days) 4.87968 19-July-17
Treasury Bill Rate (365 Days) 3.84615 12-July-17
Treasury Note (*2 - year) 4.950 28-Sept-15
Treasury Note (*3 - year) 6.500 13-Sep-16
Treasury Note (*4 - year) 6.000 26-Oct-12
Treasury Note (5 - year) 02-Dec-15
Bond (6 - year) 7.250 22-Dec-15
Bond (7 - year) 7.500 12-May-17
Bond (*8 - year) 7.100 10-July-13
Bond (10 - year) 7.500 02-Feb -16
Bond (*15 - year) 7.950 22-Jul-14
Bond (*20 - year) - -
Overnight REPO Rate 6.5000 03-Dec-15
2-day Repo Rate 6.5000 03-Dec-15
3-day Repo Rate 6.5000 03-Dec-15
4-day Repo Rate 6.5000 03-Dec-15
5-day Repo Rate 6.5000 03-Dec-15
6-day Repo Rate 7.000 17-Feb-16
7-day Repo Rate 6.5000 03-Dect-15

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