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The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank offers both conference and auditorium facilities.

The Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, named in honour of the Bank’s first governor, is a multi-purpose facility. It seats a total of five hundred persons, four hundred downstairs and one hundred in the balcony.

The Maltin Moving Conference Centre, named in memory of a former senior Director of the Bank, can accommodate 160 persons, seated theatre style, or 45 persons horseshoe style.

Special amenities include:
• State of the art lighting and sound systems
• Secretariats
• Ticket Office
Conference Microphones

About Sir Cecil Jacobs
The Bank thought it befitting to formally recognise Sir Cecil Jacobs, first Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank for his sterling contribution to the promotion and development of the financial sector in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. Accordingly, in July 2002, the Monetary Council agreed that the auditorium at the headquarters building be named the “Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium”.

Sir Cecil’s illustrious career began in the Treasury Department of the St Kitts Government Service in 1941.
In 1952 he was awarded a scholarship and pursued studies in accounting in Leeds, England. Sir Cecil became an Associate of the Association of Certified Accountants, and later, a fellow of the Association. He received further training at the Crown Agents and the Colonial Office in London. Sir Cecil made a rapid rise within the St Kitts Government Service; he acted as Financial Secretary from 1958 – 1961, before being appointed on transfer as Financial Secretary, St Vincent and The Grenadines.

In 1973 he was appointed Managing Director of the East Caribbean Currency Authority (ECCA) which was then based in Barbados. He led the negotiations for the withdrawal of Barbados from the ECCA in 1974, and organised the transfer of the operation of the institution from Barbados to St Kitts in May 1975. Sir Cecil was appointed Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank when it was established on 5 July 1983.

During his tenure in office, Sir Cecil managed the process of conversion of the link of the EC Dollar from the Pound Sterling to the US dollar. Thereafter, through appropriate monetary management he ensured that the external value of the currency was maintained. Sir Cecil retired from the Bank in 1989.

On 15 June 2002, Cecil Albert Jacobs, MBE, CBE was awarded Knight Bachelor of the British Empire (Civil Division) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, for his lifetime service in the financial and banking industry in St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

About the late Maltin Moving

Mr Maltin Moving joined the then Eastern Caribbean Currency Authority (ECCA) in Barbados in 1973 as Assistant Accountant. He was appointed Accountant in 1975 and Senior Accountant in 1980.

In 1983, when the institution was upgraded to a central bank, Mr Moving was appointed Manager, Banking Division. His subsequent appointments were as Director Bank Supervision and Internal Audit in 1985, Internal Auditor in 1988 and Senior Director Internal Audit in 1995. Mr Moving died in May 1999, while still in the employ of the Bank.

In recognition of his years of dedicated and loyal service to the Bank, the Maltin Moving Conference Centre was named in his memory.

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