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Presentation and Regional Interactive Discussion
ECCU Citizens Discuss Economic and Financial Issues Across the Region

To view the printer friendly documents Acrobat Reader is needed.

Click here for the presentation in audio

On Tuesday 25 January 2005, audiences in the ECCB offices in its eight member countries participated in a live, interactive discussion with Governor Sir K Dwight Venner.

Following his presentation on the performance of the ECCU economy in 2004 and the prospects for 2005 and beyond, Governor Venner fielded questions relating to the strength of the EC dollar; the CARICOM Single Market and Economy; regional tax initiatives and governments’ fiscal deficits.

In an historic move, radio and television stations in all eight islands broadcast the live discussions simultaneously, and members of the public made contributions to the discussions through e-mail messages sent to the Bank’s website.

A sample of the reviews received on the night of the presentation include:

"I was delighted to hear the Governor’s 2004 Performance address. I do hope our people and especially our East Caribbean people are paying close attention to the challenges that lie ahead. Those of us from the region even though presently away are certainly listening."

" I would like to compliment the Central Bank on this new outlook for the OECS. "

Give Us Your Feedback
Provide us with feedback on the presentation and economic issues that concern you as a member of the ECCU. As a way of saying thank you for submitting these questionnaires, a prize will be presented to two persons randomly selected from the completed entries. All information provided will be treated confidentially and used only for the purpose of data analysis.

Test Your Knowledge
How much do you know about major economic indicators and factors affecting the ECCU economy? Participate in our radio quiz.

Glossary of Economic Terms
This glossary provides helpful definitions of economic terms discussed in the presentation.

Lastest Quarterly Economic and Financial Review (September 2004)

Participating Media Houses
Country Media House Type
Anguilla Radio Anguilla Radio (95.5 FM)
  Kreative Communications Network (KCN) Television
Antigua and Barbuda ZDK Radio Radio (97.1 FM)
  Observer Radio Radio (91.1 FM)
  ABS TV Television
Dominica DBS Radio Radio (88.1 FM)
  Marpin Telecoms Television
Grenada Klassic Radio Radio (535 AM)
  Grenada Broadcasting Network Television
Montserrat Radio Montserrat (ZJB) Radio (91.9, 95.5 FM)
  The People’s TV Television
St Kitts and Nevis Voice of Nevis Radio (895 AM)
  WINN FM/Federation Media Group Radio (98.9FM)
  ZIZ Radio Radio (96.7 FM, 555 AM)
  ZIZ TV Television
St Lucia Radio St Lucia Radio (97.3, 97.7 FM)
  Radio 100 Helen FM Radio (100 FM)
  Helen Television Systems Television
  National Television Network (NTN) Television
St Vincent and the Grenadines NBC Radio Radio (107.3 FM)
  SVG Broadcasting Television Top

Radio Quiz Participating Stations
Country Media House
Anguilla Social Solutions – Saturday 29 January at 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
Radio Anguilla (95.5 FM)
Antigua and Barbuda Junior Cabinet - Friday 28 January at 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Observer Radio (91.1 FM)
Dominica To be confirmed
Grenada Morning Programme - Saturday 29 January at 7:30 a.m.
Klassic Radio (535 AM)
Montserrat Cultural Show – Saturday 29 January at
7:30 – 10:00 a.m. (Quiz will start at 9:00)
Radio Montserrat (ZJB) (91.9, 95.5 FM)
St Kitts and Nevis Elements of Surprise - Saturday 29 January at 10:00 a.m.– 12:00 p.m.
ZIZ Radio (96.7 FM, 555 AM)
St Lucia Saturday 29 January. Time to be confirmed.
Radio St Lucia (97.3, 97.7 FM)
St Vincent and the Grenadines Morning Programme - Saturday 29 January at 8:35 a.m. (preceding "Youth Challenge").
NBC Radio (107.3 FM) Top

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