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Economic Review

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Honourable Sir K Dwight Venner presents a review of the performance of the economy of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) in 2013 and the initiatives that have been taken to spur and sustain economic growth on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on radio and television stations throughout the ECCU. Please click here to see the list of stations on which the presentation is being aired.

The 2013 ECCU Economic Review Presentation focuses on the economic developments in 2013; the main challenges and accomplishments of the currency union over the year; and the top priorities for the ECCU over the next three years.

Immediately following the presentation, a cross-section of residents from the eight ECCU member countries, linked through the use of video-conferencing technology, will engage the Governor in discussions on the issues arising from the presentation. The discussion is intended to provide more information about economic and financial issues which affect the everyday lives of the citizens of the ECCU and the future of the ECCU member countries. It also seeks to deepen the dialogue on these issues and create the avenue for widening the perspectives on the matters that can affect policy development in the ECCU.

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Happening Now: Stations on which the 2013 ECCU Economic Review is being aired.
Country Media House Frequency
Anguilla Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM
Upbeat Radio 97.7 FM
ATV Channel 3
KCN Channel 4
Antigua and Barbuda ABS Television 620 AM
90.3 FM
ABS Radio  
Crusader Radio 107.5 FM
Nice FM 104.3 FM
ZDK Liberty Radio 97.1 FM
Commonwealth of
DBS Radio 88.1 FM
Kairi FM 93.1 FM
Q95 FM 95.1 FM
Marpin 2K4 Ltd (Channel 2)  
SAT Telecoms (Channel 7) Channel 7
Grenada GTC Radio 89.9, 90.5
Klassic AM 540 540 AM
WEE-FM 93.3 FM
GIS TV Channels 12 & 22 Channels 12 & 22
Grenada Broadcasting Network TV Channels 7, 11 & 20
Montserrat Radio Montserrat (ZJB) 91.9, 95.5 FM
St Kitts and Nevis Voice of Nevis (VON Radio) 895 AM
ZIZ Radio 96.7 FM, 555 AM
ZIZ Television Channel 5
Saint Lucia Helen Television Systems TV  
Radio Saint Lucia 97.3, 97.7 FM
St Vincent and the Grenadines NBC Radio 107.3 FM
89.7 FM
Nice Radio 96.7 FM,
90.3 FM,
101.3 FM
Praise FM Radio 105.7 FM
95.7 FM
Star Radio 98.3 FM
WE FM 99.9 FM
SVG Broadcasting Television Channel 9

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