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ECCB Papers
ECCB Working Papers Series

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ECCB Working Papers Series
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ECCB Working Paper Series

June 2012 Working Papers Series - 3/2016 - Read
  • Soveriegn Wealth Funds: A Model for Citizenship by Investment in the ECCU - Beverley Labadie and Shernnel Thompson
  • Risk and Capital Adequacy: A Preliminary Examination of ECCU Commercial Banks - Shernnel Thompson
June 2012 Volume 2 - June 2016 - Read
  • Towards a Policy on Foreign Direct Investment within the Context of the OECS Economic Union - Zanna Barnard and Leon Bullen
June 2012 Volume 1 - March 2016 - Read
  • The Role of Brazil in Regional Trade - Beverley Labadie and Zanna Barnard
June 2012 Special Edition - 2015 Interns - Read
  • Modelling Tourism Demand From Major International Markets: The Case of Antigua and Barbuda - Peter Abraham Jr
  • Crowdfunding: Its Potential for Stimulating Financial Development in the ECCU - Calvin R Duggins
  • Measuring Productivity of Commercial Banks in the ECCU: A DEA-Based Malmquist Index Approach - Kareem Martin
  • The Effectiveness of Fiscal Consolidation in Achieving Debt Reduction - Owen Fisher
June 2012 Special Edition- September 2014 - Interns (PDF) - Read
  • Trade Policy in the ECCU and Implications for Competitiveness: Assessing the Viability of the Canada-Caricom FTA - Oscar George
  • Exploring Opportunities for ECCU Tourism:Looking Toward the Emerging Economies - Calvin Duggins
  • Specialisation Vs Diversification:The Implications for Economic Growth in the ECCU - Rushaine Goulbourne
June 2012 Volume 1 - March 2014 (PDF) - Read
  • A Critical Assessment of the Theoretical Framework of IMF Adjustment Programmes - Zanna Barnard
  • Accommodations, Occupancy Rates and ECCU Tourism Development - Ronald James and Allister Hodge
  • Has the Credit – GDP Relationship Changed? - Garfield Riley
June 2012 Special Edition – Interns 2013 - Read
  • The Size and Performance of the Public Sector in the ECCU -
    Junius Olivier
  • The Environment Within the Context of Sustainable Development in the ECCU - Stephanie Gustave
  • Addressing the Issues of Governance in the ECCU - Kurt Hercules
  • A Look at the Nexus Between Education and Skills Training, Research Development and Economic Growth in the ECCU- Rhina Meade
June 2012 Volume 3 - September 2013 - Read
  • Leveraging ICTs to Spur Economic Growth and Development in the ECCU - Beverly Lugay
  • Collective Investments Schemes as Alternatives for Small Investors in the ECCU - Martina Regis
  • Diagnostics, Constraints, Facilitation - The Economic Growth Process in ECCU Countries - Garfield Riley
June 2012 Volume 2 - June 2013 - Read
  • The ECCU Debt Carrying Capacity: An Empirical Investigation of its Debt Evolution and Debt Limits - Janai Leonce and Kevin Hope
  • Is There Really a Link Between Debt and Growth in the ECCU? -
    Allister Hodge
  • Public Sector Debt in the ECCU: Profile and Evolution - ECCU Task Force on Debt, Growth and Development
June 2012 Special Edition - September 2012 - Read
  • Does Public Domestic Debt ‘Crowd-Out’ Private Sector Investment? Evidence from the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union - Karlia Jones
  • Stimulating Growth: Leveraging the EPA to Enhance Growth of the Knowledge Based Creative Industries in the ECCU - Shineco Sutherland
  • The Assessing the Responsiveness and Stability of Tax Systems in the ECCU: A Case Study of St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines - Terral Mapp
June 2012 Volume 1 - June 2012 - Read
  • Financial Stability in the ECCU: Developing Early Warning Systems and a Financial Stability Index - Kamilah Anderson
  • Commercial Lending Rates in the ECCU - Kamilah Anderson and Janai Leonce
  • The Nexus Between Competition, Efficiency and Bank Soundness in the ECCU Banking Sector - Allister Hodge
The Real Effective Exchange Rate In The ECCU: Equilibrium And Misalignment - Kari Grenade and Garfield Riley (May 2009) - Read
Determinants Of Commercial Banks Interest Rate Spreads: Some Empirical Evidence From The Eastern Caribbean Currency Union - Kari H I Grenade (March 2007) - Read
CWC 2007: Forecasting the Increase in Demand for Banknotes in the ECCU (August 2007) - Read
Co-movements between Foreign and Domestic Interest Rates in a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime: The Case of the ECCU and the US (August 2007) - Read


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