Application For Use Of Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium
Section I - Applicant
Section II - Event
3. From what time do you need to access the Auditorium in order to prepare for and host your event?
Section III - Rehearsals
1. Do you intend to have rehearsals for your event? If yes, please indicate below.
Section IV - Required Seating Arrangements
Type of Seating Arrangement Required:*
Section V - Required Equipment and Services
Kindly indicate all equipment and services required for your event.
Please Select Required Equipment/Service
Multi-Media Presentation
Tables and Chairs
Other Services
In consideration of usage of the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, I the undersigned, representing
Name of Organisation*
acknowledge that I have read and understand the Terms and Procedures of Reservation and Use of the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium, and hereby agree to be bound by the conditions set forth therein.
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