2nd Annual Conference with Financial Institutions

The 2nd Annual Conference with Financial Institutions is the foremost gathering of members of industry and of regulators within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union to discuss, collaborate and shape the development of our region’s financial system. This conversation is even more important especially during this period of COVID-19.


Consequently, this year’s conference is held under the theme, “The Changing Economic Landscape. COVID-19 and the Financial System.” Two panels are to be held this year. The first, a panel of leaders from the banking industry, credit union industry and the regulatory authorities will share their perspective on insights and an outlook for the ECCU financial system. The second panel will focus on improving financial inclusion, and the role that digital transformation is able to play in this process.


The Conference will be held on 12th November 2020 at 9:00 am. Registration information and programme will become available shortly.

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