7th Growth and Resilience Dialogue is a Must Attend Event

The public is invited to register and attend the 7th Growth and Resilience Dialogue, scheduled for 25- 26 April, 2023.


Attendees to this free, virtual event will be engaged in discussions and expositions led by subject matter experts and thought leaders representing over sixteen (16) organisations and institutions in the exploration of the theme “An appropriate and sustainable model for health care in the ECCU/OECS - Agile Infrastructure, Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Cannabis.”


The public can partake of this great opportunity to discuss and  explore ideas and solutions in health and wellness care by visiting the ECCB’s website at www.eccb-centralbank.org  and completing the registration form.


Persons who register by 14 April,2023 will be eligible to have their names entered into a draw for the early bird registration prize valued at EC$2,700.00 (US$1,000.00)


The target audiences are public and private sector individuals including: employees, parliamentarians, CEOs, small business owners, health care service providers, students, technocrats, entrepreneurs and other service providers in health, tourism, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, technology, law, academia and finance among others.


The 7th Growth and Resilience Dialogue forms part of the economic transformation agenda of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and is hosted in partnership with the OECS Commission, The World Bank and The University of the West indies.