Call for Comments & Consultation

Draft ESMF for the Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation and World Bank Project OECS MSME Guarantee Facility (P157715)

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) is an instrument that helps the Facility and Participating Lenders (PLs) to identify appropriate methods and tools to assess and manage the potential environmental and social risks and impacts of the project.  The ECPCGC and PLs, as well as participating MSMEs, will be responsible to adhere to the ESMF with due diligence and efficiency in compliance with all requirements pertaining to environmental and social protection.

The draft ESMF was prepared and disclosed in November 2017 and is now being presented to key stakeholders as part of the awareness campaign facilitated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).  Key findings of the consultations will be summarized and included in the final revisions of the ESMF.  Dates of the consultations will be the following:

  • Saint Lucia, Nov. 14, 2017
  • Antigua and Barbuda, Nov. 17, 2017
  • Grenada, Nov. 20, 2017
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Nov. 22, 2017
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis, Nov. 28, 2017 (to be confirmed)

The draft ESMF was published on ECCB website and opened for public comment, and will be updated to include verbal and written comments received during the consultations.  The revised and final ESMF will subsequently be disclosed and published on the World Bank and ECCB websites.  ­­­Other changes or revisions are expected to occur periodically as ECCB and ECPCGC improves MSME support and project performance.

Click here for more information. You may submit your written comments to  no later than November 30th, 2017

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