ECCB Commissions Evaluation of its Communication, Public Education and Community Outreach Programmes


25 June 2019, Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis - The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has engaged the services of a marketing and strategic communication firm to conduct an assessment of its communication, public education and community outreach programmes.

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Right Angle Imaging, based in Saint Lucia, is conducting the assessment which targets citizens and residents of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union aged 14 – 60.  The survey seeks to:

  1. measure the target audience’s level of awareness of and attitude, perception and  behaviour towards the ECCB; 
  2. assess the reach and impact of the Bank’s communication, public education  and community outreach initiatives; 
  3. assess the target audience’s information needs and media habits;  
  4. determine target audience’s interest in receiving information on the role, function and work of the Bank; and
  5. obtain information on how the ECCB could improve its programmes and engagement with the public, including the media.

The assessment will include the administration of an online and face-to-face questionnaire, interviews and focus groups. The results will guide the development of a comprehensive communication strategy and inform the development of strategies to increase the effectiveness of the Bank’s public education, community outreach and communication programmes. It will also provide information to help to guide the work of the Bank and the development of programmes to better serve the people of the region.

Right Angle Imaging has been the provider of strategic communication, research, media and social marketing services in the Eastern Caribbean since 1999. Its clientele includes a diverse mix of public, private sector and not-for-profit agencies.

Please click this link to participate in the survey:


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