ECCB Deputy Governor Appeals to All ECCU Citizens to Break Gender Bias

The theme for the 2022 celebration of International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” with the tagline: Break the Bias

Speaking on this week’s episode of ECCB Connects, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), Dr Valda Henry, calls on the people of our region to break the bias by refraining from judging and condemning, while encouraging them to seek information to become more understanding, empathetic and concerned toward assisting girls and women.

Dr Henry highlights some of the major biases against this gender which include certain house chores that are reserved for girls and women; parental protective restrictions reserved for girls; expectations of how girls and women respond in relationships and allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against girls and women.

Dr Henry encourages the need to reframe the narrative and shares the view that the concept of gender equity should be the focus rather than gender equality. She defines equity as the ability to provide the necessary resources to all persons to give them an equal opportunity and a level playing field to achieve.

 As a strong proponent for national health coverage, Dr Henry suggests that more research is required in our individual Caribbean territories to afford persons the equity needed in critical and important aspects of society such as healthcare, scholarship opportunities for education, and access to capital for the small business sector.

Click here to view the full interview.

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