ECCB Governor Calls for ECPCGC to Support Women and Young Digital Entrepreneurs

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Timothy N. J. Antoine has made a special call for the recently launched Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECPCGC) to support women in business and young digital entrepreneurs as a matter of policy.

Governor Antoine was speaking at the official launch of the ECPCGC on October 5. The ECPCGC is an initiative of the ECCB and The World Bank and was established to help micro small and medium size businesses access financing easier.

The ECPCGC partners with financial institutions and guarantees up to 75 per cent of the security or collateral needed by MSMEs to obtain loans to expand or improve their operations. Additionally, the ECPCGC provides training for the lending officers of the participating financial institutions and supports business owners in the areas of business planning, financial management and marketing.

In his call for the Corporation to pay special attention to women and young digital entrepreneurs, Governor Antoine said that far too often these categories of persons, with no track record or collateral, are shut out of the credit space and stymied in their ability to realise their dreams and contribute to raising their families and building the region.


More information is available on this week’s Episode of ECCB Connects and on the ECCB  website or its social media pages.



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