ECCB Governor Highlights Importance of Creatives to Economy

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Timothy N. J. Antoine has advised the region’s young people that their voices matter, they are talented and that creatives are extremely important to the economy.

Speaking at the recent awards ceremony for the winners and participants of the 2021 ECCB and the Regional Security System Asset Recovery Unit (RSS/ARU) Creative Youth Competition, Governor Antoine stressed the importance of youth talent, which he says has become increasingly important in the digital economy.

The Governor revealed that the ECCB is working with the OECS Commission, CARICOM IMPACS, Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), The World Bank and other stakeholders to help to build the digital skills which will allow young people to have more opportunities to grow.

Governor Antoine strongly encouraged the young people not to be merely consumers but to become producers of the digital economy. “You have to produce, you have to earn, create income and you can do that by using your talents,” Governor Antoine said.

The Governor also highlighted several areas in the digital economy with significant job opportunities.  He called on the young people to make their voices heard through their creative talents such as art, singing, dancing or writing.  He also encouraged them  to consider careers in technology fields such as graphic design, artificial intelligence, cyber security, data analystics, areas which, he said, are all highly demanded in the digital economy.

View Governor Antoine's remarks, click on the video below.

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