ECCB Sponsors ECCU Electronic Conveyancing System Project Consultancy

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has taken the initiative to sponsor the consultancy for the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Electronic Conveyancing System Project.


This initiative is expected to ultimately facilitate the enhancement of the region’s competitiveness through an overhaul of the land registration systems of the ECCU. It is intended to provide a framework for a more modernised arrangement which will yield greater predictability and simplicity in the property transfer system.


The project also aims at facilitating the efficiency in land registration, improvements in land use by governments and easier valuation and taxations systems.


The two main phases of the project are:


  • Phase 1 – identification and review of current laws and regulations with respect to land registration in the ECCU; and
  • Phase 2 – revision, modernisation and drafting of harmonised land legislation for the ECCU based on the parcel system of registration that is more responsive to modern financial and commercial practices.


The ECCB is working with a team of consultants from the Charles Juris Chambers of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The team comprises, the lead, John Elue Charles, Legislative Drafting Consultant; Anthony Commodore, expert in Land Conveyancing and Catherine Faustin, expert in Land Registry Administration.


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