Students Benefit from ECCB Mentorship Transition Session

Over 300 Grade Six students, who participated in the ECCB Mentorship Transition Session, are now better prepared for their move from primary to secondary school.

The session was held on June 10 and sought to interactively engage students from among the eight-member countries of the ECCB.  The facilitators offered the students tips on self-management, as well as physical, mental and emotional changes for a smooth transition.

This week’s episode of ECCB Connects features highlights from the session as Deputy Governor of the ECCB, Dr Valda Henry; Psycologist and School Guidance Counsellor at the Sir Ira Simmonds Primary in Saint Lucia, Kaela Allain; and Dr Tiffany Skerritt from Montserrat, engage the students. Past student of the ECCB Mentorship Programme, Najique Davis of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School in Anguilla, also shares his challenges of transitioning from primary to secondary school and how he overcame them.

The Deputy Governor encouraged the students to prepare for success.  She challenged them to be disciplined and to always give of their best. Allain addressed topics such as the new secondary school environment, class structure, the use of virtual platforms and self-management.  She encouraged the students to manage their time wisely. Dr Skerritt explained the various changes that their bodies would go through and assured the students that the changes were “normal”.

To view the full presentation, log on to the ECCB’s YouTube channel and Facebook Page: ECCB Connects.

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