Women at ECCB Share What They Choose to Challenge in Recognition of International Women’s Day 2021

Three of the female staff at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) choose to challenge misconception in leadership, women’s seat at the decision-making table, and gender stereotypes in technology, in recognition of the theme for International Women’s Day 2021.

The “Choose to Challenge” theme is a call for women around the world to challenge notions, ideas or practices that exist and demonstrate the changes they would like to see in those areas.

Alamina Trotman, is the youngest female on the ECCB’s Management Team; she currently serves as Acting Deputy Director in the Internal Audit Department.  Trotman says she chooses to challenge the misconception that women do not make good leaders. She also challenges the use of issues “peculiar to women as an excuse or in a fashion that degrades and questions her competence as a leader or as a manager.”

Sharmyn Powell is the first Chief Risk Officer at the ECCB. During her almost 25-year stint at the Bank she has also served as Director of three departments. Powell chooses to challenge the notion that there is no seat at the table for women and submits that she would like to see “women take their seats at the table and have their ideas equally contend with their male counterparts.”

Genelle Lake, Information Security Analyst, serves the region in the traditionally male-dominated Information Technology field. She chooses to challenge gender stereotypes on technology and encourages other women to join her in doing the same.


The full conversation with the ECCB women professionals is available on this week’s episode of ECCB Connects. Click to view 

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