About Financial Information Month

Financial Information Month is a regional financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial education campaign executed in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) since 2002, through the collaborative efforts of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), ECCU member governments, financial and academic institutions, the media, other private and public sector institutions and community-based groups. The Month forms part of an ECCU financial and economic education programme coordinated by the ECCB. The programme incorporates a series of initiatives designed to support the attainment of the goal of “a financially developed and vibrant ECCU region that fosters strong and sustainable economic growth and the improved well-being of the citizenry.”

Financial Information Month 2018

Theme - Financial Empowerment Through Education

Logo (Description)

  • The staggered letters “FIM” on the “pathway” depict the journey through life and the winding road an individual takes on the way to financial empowerment.
  • The human figures on the letters which read “FIM” represent an individual taking the steps towards financial empowerment.
  • The last figure with the raised hands holding the dollar sign, demonstrates celebration of having achieved one’s financial goals.

The area of focus for FIM 2018 was: Conducting and Protecting Your Business in a Digital Environment. The activities for the month zoomed in on the following sub-themes:

  • From standing in line to going onlineinformation about online services offered by financial institutions, Electronic Funds Transfer, online banking, government e-services., investing on the ECSE, etc.
  • New Currency: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Digital Wallets…Are We Ready? – legal framework requirements/implications, regulation and supervision
  • Cyber security: use strong protection every timehow to protect oneself from identity theft, online fraud, hacking of accounts, guidelines for using ATM machines, credit cards and other online payment platforms
  • Restructuring and transforming your business to take advantage of opportunities in the digital environment – point-of-sale transactions, online services, the importance of intellectual property rights for producers of digital works, how to reap maximum financial gains from creative work e.g. graphic artists, song writers, music producers.
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