Capacity Building

Capacity building is a productivity factor. The Bank strategically implemented structured capacity building programmes for all departments as part of its on-going learning and professional development for its staff members. The institution provides staff with a minimum of two hours per week to invest in strengthening performance skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources in various work related areas. The capacity building sessions are usually facilitated by in-house subject matter experts and tailored to suit the targeted audience. The sessions are evaluated/measured on an on-going basis and more formally as part of the Bank’s annual performance management process.

The objectives of the ECCB’s capacity building programme are to:

  1. Address identified knowledge and skills gaps of management and staff at the individual and group level;
  2. Address identified policy, process and procedural gaps in the current operations;
  3. Use a participatory – including peer and supervisory led - learning approach to performance improvement;
  4. Stimulate learning and professional growth and enhance the competence inter and intra departmentally.

The expected outcomes of the programmes are:

  • Improved job satisfaction, engagement and retention;
  • Improved productivity; and
  • Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.