Financial Information Month 2019

Focus: Plan for Uncertainty...Make Insurance Your Priority

The activities for the month will cover the following sub-themes:

  • Insurance as a vehicle for investment, asset management, planning for retirement and transfer of wealth - the financial benefits of insurance coverage and long-term instruments/products 

  • Financial knowledge...your tool for helping to protect everyone and everything you care about – types of products and services financial institutions offer to help individuals grow and protect their wealth; importance of adequate insurance and insuring contents; the impact of under-insurance; selecting the financial plan that is right for you; what you should know about mortgage insurance

  • Insurance Facts vs Myths - the nuts and bolts of financial protection; understanding the insurance process; how insurance impacts the insurer and the insured

  • The role of financial institutions in promoting and sustaining economic growth in an environment vulnerable to external shocks - how financial institutions maintain financial stability in our economies that are exposed to the impact of hurricanes, other natural disasters and external shocks; products, services or structures financial institution have in place to help you recover from loss of job, business or property due to a disaster