Financial Information Month 2021

The area of focus for FIM 2021 is: Innovation in the Face of Financial Adversity – Respond! Recover! Rise!

The activities for the month will zoom in on the following sub-themes:

  1. Let’s Get Digital: Equipping yourself for the digital way of life - The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the transition to a digital society. Some of us are relying almost exclusively on digital tools to socialise, work and access a myriad of required services to continue with our everyday lives. Discussions around this topic will address:
    1. Online banking and payments
    2. Using existing tools such as cell phones to make life easier
    3. Taking advantage of virtual platforms for work, conducting business, education, job search, talent search, staying in touch etc.
    4. Cyber Security
    5. Digitalisation and the environment


  1. Make saving, budgeting and investing a habit for a more comfortable tomorrow - We can never speak enough about personal finance management. It is one of the most fundamental aspects in our lives and finding innovative and smart ways to practise it is critical, particularly when our world is rife with adversities such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Saving, budgeting and investing for a better tomorrow will be the highlight in discussions on:
    1. The importance of budgeting and budget preparation
    2. Managing savings and different forms of savings
    3. Forms of investments readily available to us in the region and how to get involved
    4. Retirement planning


  1. Minding your business: How your small business can stay afloat in tough times - Currently, many small businesses are suffering. They are wary of what the future holds and whether they will be able to bounce back from this pandemic. Luckily, there are measures they can put in place to stay afloat. This area of focus will address:
    1. Fundamental business principles/practices
    2. Managing your business finances
    3. Seeking new opportunities
    4. Adaptation and innovation
    5. Funding/assistance options
    6. Risk Management: Physical and Financial