Apart from the statutory entitlement of annual vacation leave, the Bank provides leave supplementary to the annual leave.  This leave falls under different categories depending on the purpose for which the leave is required.

  • Annual Vacation Leave
    The annual leave allotment is 32 working days for staff in grade 9 and above, and 24 working days for staff in grade 8 and below.
  • Service Grant
    Staff members who have served on the Bank’s permanent establishment for the first five (5) years can enjoy an extra month’s basic salary.  This benefit is paid every three (3) years thereafter.
  • Compassionate Leave
    To support staff in cases of death or illness of an immediate family member, staff members are allowed up to five (5) working days paid leave in each calendar year as Compassionate leave.
  • Examination Leave 
    Staff members are allowed an aggregate of five (5) working days paid leave in each calendar year if they are writing examinations.
  • Maternity Leave
    Female staff members who have completed one (1) year’s service are eligible for three (3) months maternity leave, of which two and one-half (2 ½) months shall be on full pay. 
  • Sick Leave
    Staff members are allowed Sick Leave on full pay up to a period of three (3) months.
  • Leave of Absence Without Pay
    Where no other category of leave is applicable or available, staff members may be allowed leave of absence without pay for a period up to three (3) months.
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