Management Team
Corporate Relations Department (CRD) Mrs Ingrid O’Loughlin C. Dir Senior Director
Governor’s Immediate Office (GIO) Ms Sharmyn Powell C. Dir, ACC Director/Chief Risk Officer
Accounting Department (AD) Mr Senator Samuel C. Dir, ACC Director
  Shanna Herbert Deputy Director
Banking and Monetary Operations Department (BMOD) Mrs Raquel Leonce C. Dir Director
   Mr Niall Pistana

Deputy Director

  Francis Fontenelle Adviser 
  Allison Stephen Adviser
  Lynette Griffin Deputy Director

Bank Supervision Department (BSD)

Mr Christopher Louard C. Dir Director
  Mrs Allison Crossman Deputy Director
  Mrs Laurel Seraphin-Bedford Deputy Director
  Ms Angela Rouse Deputy Director
  Shawn Williams Adviser
Currency Management Department (CMD) Mr Rosbert Humphrey, C. Dir Acting Director
  Mr Norman Sabaroche Deputy Director
Human Resources Department (HRD) Mrs Jolene Newton C. Dir Director (Acting)
  Mrs Merva Mallalieu Deputy Director (Acting)
Internal Audit Department (IAD) Mrs Yvonne Jean-Smith C. Dir, ACC Director
Legal Services Department (LSD) Mrs Merlese O’Loughlin C. Dir Director
  Ms Gillian Skerritt Deputy Director
Management Information Systems Department (MISD) Mrs Cindy Parris-Gilbert C. Dir Director
  Mr Lyle Mark Deputy Director
Research Department (RD) Ms Patricia Welsh, C. Dir Director (Acting)
  Mr Rohan Stowe Deputy Director
  Mr Shernnel Thompson Deputy Director (Acting)
Statistics Department (SD) Mrs Teresa Smith C. Dir Director
  Mrs Seana Benjamin-Mack Deputy Director
  Ms Juletta Edinborough Deputy Director
  Ms Leah Sahely Deputy Director
Strategic Planning and Projects Department (SPPD)  Ms Karen Williams C. Dir Director
Support Services Management Department (SSMD) Mr Wayne Myers, C. Dir Senior Director 
  Mrs Beverley Edwards-Gumbs Deputy Director
  Mr Danny Caine Chief of Security


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