Pandemic and Digital Currency - Part III

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In Part III of the four-part mini-series dedicated to the topic of “Pandemic and Digital Currency”, the discussion will feature a panel of experts from the ECCB who will discuss the strong partnerships the Bank has been forging to develop the network and environment for the DXCD project.  ECCB Governor, Timothy N. J. Antoine will moderate the live and interactive discussion. 

The following will be addressed during the session:

  1. The main participants in the pilot project;
  2. The role of the public in the pilot; and
  3. How the DXCD can benefit member governments.

Join us as we continue along our journey of exploration of the Digital EC Cash - The Fastest, Cheapest, Safest Way to Send Money Anywhere in the Currency Union.

Be part of the conversation as we take collective action to transform our region, now.  Click here to view promotional video.

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