Performance Development and Guiding Principles

The ECCB recognises that ongoing performance improvement and development of Bank staff is a critical component of achieving its mission of “Advancing the good of the people of the ECCU by maintaining monetary and financial stability and promoting growth and development.” As such, the Bank is committed to ensuring staff participation in relevant developmental activities that will enhance the Bank’s ability to be a proactive, dynamic, healthy and influential institution that is recognised as a leader regionally and internationally. The principles upon which staff development and performance are based at the ECCB are as follows:

  •  Performance development activities that are sponsored by the Bank should benefit the staff, the organisation and the people of the region;
  • In view of the limited resources available for staff development, priority areas deemed critical for continued excellence will be identified;
  • In view of the finite number of established positions at the institution, returning positions must be guaranteed before training requests are recommended for approval.  The individual, the head of department/head of unit (HOD/HOU) and the Bank, through its Human Resource Department, will co-operate to ensure that such learning is shared within the organisation and the Bank receives adequate returns on its performance development support and/or training investments.
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