Performance Development Mandate

The ECCB’s Performance Development mandate is:
To provide systematic performance improvement and development for continuing excellence in achieving the Bank’s mission

The Purpose of Training and Staff Development at the Bank

The Bank will initiate and/or support training and staff development efforts in order to address current and future performance development and training needs of management and staff at the individual, unit, departmental and institutional levels. Therefore such initiatives or support will arise mainly from one of the following:

  • Needs relating to strategic priorities and actions of the Bank.
  • Identified performance gaps at the individual, unit, departmental or institutional level;

The two main categories of staff performance development and training are:

  1. Management initiated;
  2. Staff-initiated.

Specific support for performance development and training include in‑house training, local and overseas attachments, short-term training, certificate, diploma and degree programmes; distance education programmes and study leave with full pay, partial pay or no pay to pursue degree programmes and professional certifications delivered overseas.

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