Recruitment Settlement

Staff of the Bank is recruited from the ECCB’s eight member territories.  Staff recruited from outside of St Kitts and Nevis is provided with the following:

  • Air Passage
    An economy class air passage from his/her member territory by the most direct route.  Approved dependents are provided with an economy class air passage provided they take up residence within one year of the new staff member’s assumption of duties.

  • Shipping of Personal Effects 
    The cost of crating, packing and transporting of personal effects (up to 450 cu ft for a single staff member, and 900 cu ft for staff member with dependents) shipped within one year of relocation. 

  • Vehicle Shipment 
    The cost excluding customs duties, of transporting a vehicle that the staff member already owned and had in possession prior to the date the offer of appointment was issued.  The vehicle must be shipped within one year of relocation.

    Refund of Incidentals
    Refund of the cost of approved incidentals incurred through the relocation process. 

  • Hotel Accommodation 
    Hotel accommodation for new staff members and their eligible dependents for a maximum of twenty-one (21) days.

  • Settlement Grant
    Two (2) months basic salary as settlement grant where the staff member is recruited to work in a territory other than their usual place of residence;
    One half (½) of one (1) month’s salary of the staff member in respect of his/her spouse and one tenth (1/10) of one month’s salary of the staff member in respect of eligible dependent children
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