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Commemorative Coins - 1991 Blister Pack: $60.00
Commemorative Coins - 1991 Blister Pack - 5 in stock
Eastern Caribbean Currency (EC)
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The obverse design, common to each coin in the collection, depicts the Arnold Machin portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse of the 1 dollar, 25 and 10 cent coins depict Sir Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind, which was associated with the islands in the early years of their discovery and colonisation by the early English settlers. The inscription on each coin reads "East Caribbean States 1994" with the appropriate denomination in both numerals and words. The remaining coins all show crossed branches of palm, surrounded by the inscription "East Caribbean States 1994", with the denominational value in numerals enclosed between the branches of the palm and the value of the words below the palm branches.