Abandoned Property

Subject to Part XII of the Banking Act, the items below which are held or owing by a licensed financial institution for fifteen (15) years shall be presumed to be abandoned:

  • any general deposit (demand, savings or matured time deposit), and funds prepaid on credit cards and other electronic funds made with a licensed financial institution, together with any interest but excluding any lawful charges;
  • any funds paid toward the purchase of shares or other interests in a licensed financial institution or licensed financial holding company, together with any interest or dividend, but excluding any lawful charges;
  • any sum payable on cheques certified or on written instruments issued on which a licensed financial institution or licensed financial holding company is directly liable. 

All financial institutions holding items that are presumed to be abandoned must submit these items to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) in accordance with the Act.  Beneficiaries can claim these funds by making a claim through the financial institution to the ECCB.    Financial Institutions must ensure that the legal requirements for making a claim are met prior to submission of claim on behalf of the claimant.  Properties that remain unclaimed for fifteen (15) years are vested to the state (becomes the property of the state) where the account was originally held.  Updated listings of the unclaimed items are published monthly on ECCB’s Website.

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Data As At : February 4 2019

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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